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Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR

Struggling to find new resorts and destinations for your next quick family vacation in North India? We bet you haven’t heard of these Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR Regions. So fasten your seat belts and get set to enjoy your next short vacation at these spectacular destinations.


10 Hidden Secret Weekend Break Locations From Delhi-NCR – We Bet You Wouldn’t Know


1. Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur-



Located 240 kms from Delhi through Yamuna Expressway and 60 minutes ahead of Agra. This Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR spread in nearly 50 acres of lush green and nature surroundings offers brilliant 40 rooms & suites including 20 villas with private plunge pools while you enjoy your vacation meals and cocktail evenings at indoor & outdoor restaurants (overlooking well manicured lawns) and in great company of resident peacock’s (over 20 in numbers)  the place also offers fantastic adventure and wildlife activities in form of Boat Ride at Chambal River (15 minutes drive from Palace), Jungle & Ravine Jeep Safari (total 2 hours duration, 6 guest’s per jeep) and excursions to 2 absolutely gorgeous fresh water lakes (yes you still have massive fresh water lakes in Rajasthan) of Ram Sagar & Talab-E-Shahi (total trip duration about 2.30-3 hours) .

For Kids- we highly recommend trip to India’s biggest crocodile and alligators sanctuary (30 minutes drive from Palace, you’re required to cross over to state of Madhya Pradesh) and also historical Machkund temple.



1) Can get really really hot at Dholpur with temperatures running as high as 48-49* during summer months of May & June, advisable to plan trips between July-April months.

2) The breathtaking jeep drive between ramsagar and talab-e-shahi lakes is bird watcher’s paradise during evening hours in winter months.

3) Fairytale location for intimate destination weddings upto 120-160 guest’s.

4) Definitely check out their magnificent vintage cars at the garage area.

5) The resort also has endless rows of Organic and absolutely fresh Phyllathus Emblica (Wonder fruit due to it’s Super Rich and Healthy Vitamin C content, popularly knows as Amla), request the restaurant service or front office team to pack A goodie bag for you during check out and they’ll happily oblige.


2. Patan Mahal



If the daily office commute from Delhi to Gurgaon is getting on your nerves, it’s time to head to This stunning 650 years old palace hotel located A mere 3 hours drive from delhi and gurgaon and offers just 19 luxury heritage rooms & suites overlooking the majestic Patan fort (never conquered by erstwhile british and french rulers) & Badal Mahal. Patan Mahal came into existence during 13th Century and was built by last Hindu Emperor of Delhi Maharaja Anangapal Tomar 2, his descendent Rao Digvijay Singh currently owns the place. Another big surprise on offer when you stay at Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR is the fairly strenuous mountain trek to the fort and with advance notice and at an additional cost the hotel operations team can set up unforgettable lunch for you and your family at Badal Mahal which stands at an altitude of over 2000 ft from sea level. The massive swimming pool with breathtaking views of lush green lawns and imposing hills is perfectly suited to cool yourself and burn some calories accumulated after gorging over pure ghee enriched & organic meals served by inhouse chef.



1) Best Time to visit is between July-April months with rains adding and overcast skies adding large dose of romanticism to your vacation.

2) Highly recommend visit to Baori (step well) located in close vicinity of Patan Mahal.

3) while all rooms offer great comfort & style, we’re particularly blown away by the beauty and artwork in room numbers 303, 305, 206 & 201 , do place preference requests in advance with hotel booking team while firming up your plans.

4) for female travelers- definitely buy handcrafted bangles made by women and men of the village.


3. Shahpura Haveli, Shahpura



Once A wise men rightly said-Great Things Come in Small Packages and not many resorts in India can match this Quaint, Boutique and Truly Special Place when it comes to packaging luxury, personalized service and old world charm. Shahpura Haveli, located 3.15 hours from Gurgaon off NH-8, with just 5 super gorgeous and tastefully done designer suites, is our top pick for anyone looking for an Exclusive venue for their family/friends reunion from Delhi-NCR region. Imagine getting to holiday with your family members and having this private castle all by yourself and the entire service team dedicated to cater to your food, beverages, shopping, adventure, music requirements. Also not to be missed while you’re at Shahpura, sundowners at adjoining fort (short trek from hotel) with high tea, musical nights under the stars at lawns and curated meals dinning at Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR restaurant and outdoor terrace restaurants and definitely shop antique jewellery and clothes from RRKF NGO manged by all women’s team located within the Haveli premises


1) Currently there’s no swimming pool at Shahpur which despite being such a lovely place makes it a strict no no during summer months, however the work has already started on A new swimming pool and it’s likely to be ready by the time we reach summer of 2020.
2) Additional 10 rooms are also being built at Shahpura Haveli and expected to be operational by late November/Early December 2019, must try and visit before new inventory gets added and the place somewhat loses it’s romantic flavour.
3) Balwant the resort operations manager at Shahpura is your man friday and knows the region and its experiences at back of his hand, you can definitely use his expert advice to explore the beautiful countryside.
4) One thing which can definitely leave you asking for more (especially the female travelers) is massive shopping vibes of Shahpura – it’s A shopping paradise for traditional, bright, colorful traditional sarees and lehnga choli’s- available at less than half price of what otherwise you would pay for similar stuff in Delhi, Gurgaon or Jaipur.

5) Also during your stay explore ancient temples complex of Viratnagar (25 Kms drive) & Amarsar kali devi temple (15 kms drive) which has options to either trek 600 steps to offer your prayers or drive right up to the temple.


4. Narsingh Bagh, Dholpur



The New Kid on the block arrives with A massive Bang and what Dushyant Singh Ji strikes gold where few people would’ve ventured. On the shore of Ramsagar Lake near Dholpur lies this jewel of A brand new, private boutique resort with 12 brilliant rooms and cottages and should be on very high priority of all tired corporate souls from Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida regions to reboot themselves. Takes about 5 hours drive from Delhi driving through yamuna expressway, agra fort, gwalior road and last 15 miles connectivity towards right from Dholpur city crossing. Currently there’s no swimming pool (likely to come up by summer of 2020) and trust me post monsoons and with onset of winters, you wouldn’t want to leave even for A minute the turquoise blue and glorious water views of Ramsagar Lake. During your stay, definitely go to Talab-E-Shahi lake, combine that with boat ride excursion in Chambal River and National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary- India’s biggest crocodile and alligators sanctuary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Chambal_Sanctuary). The village route connecting Ramsagar lake to Dholpur city is bird watcher’s paradise and expect to bump into large population of migratory birds during winter months.



1) The swing outside the restaurant can easily be ranked as the best instagrammable photo spot in North India.
2) Hi tea at the roof top deck is an experience that will become your lifelong memory.
3) due to somewhat remote location of the resort, it’s advisable to share your food and beverages preferences in advance with their reservations team.
4) make sure you don’t forget to carry mouth watering sweets from Mormukut mishthan bhandar, opposite new collectorate office Dholpur.

5) If you love fishing, make sure you’re not leaving home without your angling gear, the resort operations team can patch you up with local fishing contractor and with packed picnic lunch & few chilled beers you can spend entire day honning up your fish catching skills.


5. Glenville, Dehradun



The state capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun despite burgeoning population growth in last 5 years, still remains one of the cleanest cities in North India with brilliant air quality, thick forest cover and fresh water streams running through some of it’s zones (Maldevta & Gucchupani being two prominent sides). With all the development the city has lost it’s status as retirement city and is now A bustling town with traffic jams running into kilometers on Rajpur road during weekends. Despite all the changes the city has experienced, adding to that freshness is this private forest retreat spread over 5 acres with only 12 luxury rooms & cottages, multicuisine restaurant, uninterrupted supply of fresh air, mountain views on both front and back sides and the icing on the cake- A large swimming pool. With early start from Delhi or Gurgaon – you may arrive here in about 5 hours road drive (from Noida it may take lesser time) and it’s A perfect location to slow down and unwind yourself from polluted air and maddenning traffic of metro cities another big feature of Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR is it’s ability to host small corporate events & conferences (capacity to take 25-30 guest’s) with dedicated conference manager, personalized crafted meals and is putting massive investment in building large banquet facility to draw and cater to destination weddings. Also happens to be among handful of pet friendly resorts in Dehradun and Mussoorie.



1) Must do- Excursion to Robber’s cave in Gucchipani during your stay at Glenville Resort

2) No visit to Dehradun will be complete without A customary visit to Ellora Bakery established in year 1953 on Rajpur Road (ahead of Clock tower & don’t get confused with another similar sounding bakery which goes by the name of Ellora Melting Moment’s).

3) If you’re A die hard non vegetarian food fan, it will be counted as criminal offense if you don’t go and eat once at Doon Darbar Restaurant, Easily can be rated as best non vegetarian restaurant in Dehradun (located at Paltan Bazaar, not too far from Railway station), and don’t pay too much attention to location, crowd, traffic, noise , just focus on food and it will be worth taking time out from your vacation which at the end of the meal you wouldn’t regret.

4) If you’re still in a mood for some trekking, adventure activities & waterfall visit in Mussoorie, we recommend A short trek to Jharipani waterfall, located in barlowganj, behind Jaypee Hotel , it can take about 90 minutes one way drive to reach the starting point of waterfall from Glenville and then do A mesmerizing 2.5 kms trek into the forest with high probability of not finding any people during the descend or ascend, it’ll almost getting close to feeling where you believe that you own this small stretch of forest.


6. Trees & Tiger, Sariska



Sariska which once ruled the weekend destination market from Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida due to it’s close proximity from these regions and then lost it all in quick time due to incessant poaching of tigers and almost no new resort developments in last 10 years. Finally there’s good news in store for Sariska, not only the destination finally has A New & boutique wildlife resort in form of Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR which is spread over 15 bigha of countryside, forest land and offers 15 chic & best in class rooms with their private terrace & including two rooms with private plunge pool, incredible swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant & A conference venue for 40 guest’s with projector, screen and mikes. However the better news at the destination is the tiger rehabilitation process which started with migration of few tigers from neighboring Ranthambhore wildlife park has paid off and as per last census the current tiger population at Sariska has grown into very healthy 16 in just 3 years and not many folks would know that in addition to wildlife experience the destination has also a lot to offer in terms of historical temples, lakes, birdwatching trips during winter months and forts. So while the short drive from Delhi, Gurgaon and Jaipur along with wildlife and forest beauty would remain the top pull factors for the region, make sure you check out the below locations during your next Sarsika trip :


Pro tips:

1) Due to it’s close proximity to forest zone, we strongly advise all guests and visitors not to move barefoot and not leave kids unattended during your stay at Trees & Tiger Resort.

2) Siliserh lake and Mansarovar lakes though quite far from each other (almost 50 kms) offers both great sunrise and sunset experiences.

3) If there’s one destination closer to Sariska which all new age travelers want to tick from their bucket list, it’s to be Bhangarh fort- which with it’s 5th rank among the world’s most haunted tourist locations is able to create quite a buzz and excitement especially among young & adventure seeking.

4) Both the jungle safari gates of Sariska (Core & Telha) are pretty much equidistant from Trees N Tiger Resort, however Telha and it’s close vicinity offer lot more sights & attractions (Talab, Mansarovar lake, Historical Neelkanth Temple and Jain Temples).


7. Vanaashrya



From being one of the most popular Luxury Tented resorts with pool in Sariska to a swish & hip resort in it’s new avatar. Vanaashrya now offers with 21 brand new cottages and 6 tents. And this makeover would result in year around business unlike in the past where they’re shutting down their operations in peak summer months of May-June-July. The pool, bar, central courtyard bonfire area and nicely done restaurant also makes Vanaashrya one of the most popular resorts in and around Sariska Wildlife park. During your stay you can indulge in A relaxing spa, enjoy cultural and folk music, explore the nearby lake and villages on a bicycle (additional charges apply) or learn cooking from inhouse chef using fresh and organic produce of the region. However Enjoying Cold Water shower under the village tubewell on A hot summer day remains one of my most favorite activities at Vanaashrya



1) Go fishing at nearby local Talab (Pond) and Mansarovar lake, it’ll be A good idea to have someone from Vanaashrya team accompany you and help you obtain fishing permission from the officials.

2)  Definitely visit Bahngarh fort- which with it’s rising popularity as among the top 5 haunted tourist spots in the world, offer great excitement and thrill, make sure you reach and finish the trip before 5 pm and then return to the comfort of your hotel stay and spend the rest of the evening trying to unwrap the spooky vibes of Bhangarh.

3) 1000 years old historical Neelkanth (Lord Shiva) temple offers great insights about mythology and architecture styles, the offroad drive of over 3 Kms can be back breaking and will surely result in both your lower back and wheel alignment of your car needing A Spa.

4) 500 meters ahead of Neelkanth temple also stands partly damaged statue of 23rd Tirthankar (Jain Saint), which Aurangzeb despite his full intent to demolish the temple couldn’t damage and was chased away by Honey Bees which locals believe played their role as Army of this holy saint.

5) you don’t want to end your Sariska trip without buying more than few boxes of melt in mouth & world famous Baba Thakur Das Milk cake store located at Ganpati tower, Company bagh road,  Alwar.


8. Monolith Resort, Bhimtal



For many years both Bhimtal and Naukuchiyatal have remained and been given step motherly treatment by visitors to more popular Nainital. But now with strict traffic guidelines and vehicle restrictions in Nainital, more & more travelers are deciding to make their base at Bhimtal & Naukuchiyatal  and in the process also reaping in benefits of reduced travel time, less crowds, enjoying equally big and beautiful lakes surrounded by hills and better quality of hotels and resorts priced cheaper then their counterparts in Nainital. We recently found this lake front resort with just 20 rooms and cottages and stunning lake views but it just wasn’t the location which got us hooked to Monolith resort. What really caught our attention was resort lay out, great tree cover and landscape within the resort premises, insanely magical views of the lake from swimming pool, amphitheater area, bollywood posters and artifacts at the restaurant but the standout feature at the Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR has to be the light house cafe/private meal area right next to the pool with capacity to just seat 2-3 people at a time (requires you to climb 20 odd steps, so not advisable for senior citizens) and I’m sure this little secret hole in the wall seating space alone can elevate your stay experience at Monolith Resort to a different level altogether.



1) Book this light house dinning spot in advance with front office team at the time of making booking or right upon your arrival.
2) To Enjoy beauty of Bhimtal to the hilt, visit on weekdays.
3) Feed the ducks and fishes, give back to the nature.
4) Kayaking at Sattal lake is once in a lifetime experience.
5) 3 Kms trek from Sattal village through post office, Sat Tal ashram, Sattal lake, and Woodland waterfall and ending with lunch at Garudtal lake makes for enthralling team building activity during corporate offsites.

6) Reignite the romance and spend A lazy day over coffee refills and your favorite book at IHEART cafe, must visit when you visit Bhimtal on your next vacation.


9. Chandra Mahal Haveli, Bharatpur



Built in year 1840 and now fully restored with all comforts and luxury for modern age discerning travelers. This quaint and cozy 11 rooms Haveli and inviting large pool is located some 25 kms in A sleeping village off Bharatpur town on Agra-Jaipur highway offers great relief and respite from fast paced city life. So on your next weekend break instead of spending days in Malls of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, it’ll be great idea to unwind in peaceful village surroundings and rediscover true essence of India. The Peharsar village history dates back to over 1000 years and with it’s 360 odd wells used to be the big & affluent agricultural hub of the region also offering financial assistance to it’s Mughal rulers. Also A great location for A large family reunion, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, small team offsites or a yoga retreat



1) We fell in insane love with 1st floor suites which comes with open to sky Jacuzzis.

2) The Keoladeo ghana national park in Bharatpur spread over 29 sq km’s is A bird watcher’s delight and offers brilliant forest learning opportunity for kids and birdwatchers to know more about 365 bird species, 378 floral species, 49 species of fish, 12 species of snakes, 5 species of lizards, 7 amphibian species, 7 turtle species and a variety of other invertebrate. Home to over 230 species of rare birds, this man made and man managed wetland was also awarded A world Heritage site title by Unesco and attracts over 1,00,000 visitors every year.

3) Fatehpur Sikri , The erstwhile capital of the Mughal Empire in year 1571 led by Emperor Akbar, offers insights about architecture styles of Mughal court styles and with the entire conservation effort the historians are able to map hierarchy between rulers and their citizens. Places of interest at Fatehpur Sikri include Buland Darwaza created to commemorate Victory in gujarat of Emperor Akbar, Jama Masjid or the congregational mosque , Grave of Sufi Saint Salim Chishti , Diwan E Aam (Hall of Public Audience) and Diwan E Khaas (Hall of Private Audience).

4) If you wish to add Adventure and trekking along with birdwatching trip in Bharatpur, though A bit steep and moderately taxing Trek to Bayana fort should be very high on your agenda, make sure you’re accompanied by A local guide and highly recommend carrying water, light snacks and some fruits in your backpack.

5) Likewise visit to Bandh Baretha where large number of migratory birds flock every year can be definitely added in the bharatpur trips.


10. Talab Gaon Castle, Dausa



Dreaming about A romantic escape, how about A 200 years old fort as your vacation abode. Located 5 hours from Delhi, right in the centre between Jaipur and Ranthambhore is A hidden secret retreat and A very fine blend of artistic heritage excellence and  personalized service standards. The Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR is spread over 400 acres and guess what the only have 24 rooms and suites. In addition to massive swimming pool, phenomenal roof top and mouth watering meals, another big features of stay at Corporate Meeting Venues In Delhi-NCR is the sunset horse riding tour. Another special and unique experiences include massive royal banquets in their lush green lawns, polo matches and opportunity to discover rural rajasthan life during village visits with lunch at mud houses



1) One of the most female friendly resorts in north India and we highly recommend  bachelorette parties.

2)  Also fantastic venue to conduct corporate conferences,  social groups and team offsite, time to move out Jaipur which slowly but surely is losing its charm among regular travelers from north india and road travellers and high priced Ranthambhore locations.

3) Fantastic location to get your pre and post wedding shoots done with high dose of Royalty.


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