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The Dudhsagar Falls is a four-tiered falls positioned precisely the Goa-Karnataka border, closer to Goa. Its sight is so exciting, as you see the milky vapors increase from the drops. The whole sensation is usually called clouds falling from the heavens, descending straight onto the earth. You can check out below some of the best villas in Dudhsagar waterfall on Mandovi River.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery that gives an added visual interest in the location. Are you planning a journey to Dudhsagar falls? Well, allow's experience all you need to understand about this fantastic place.

DS Cottage is set amidst lush pristine surroundings of Mollem National Park & offers various outdoor sports.



Dudhsagar falls in Goa are a pleasant change in landscape for a destination that is understood for its warm beaches and welcoming waves. The stunning drops are a little further inland approximately 60 km from Panaji on the Goa - Karnataka Border. As these drops lie inside the Mollem National Forest, their panoramas of environment-friendly, as well as green forest lands, are unequaled.

Plunging from the magnificent peaks of the Western Ghats, these are among the highest possible waterfalls in the country and among the hundred greatest waterfalls in the world. The falls are split into 4 rates on the Mandovi river and also look like a heavy rush of milk moving easily down the hill.

While the majority of people come to the Dudhsagar falls by jeep or by their own personal transportation from Panaji and also nearby areas, others choose to check out the falls through a train journey or by hiking. Regardless of which means you choose, the whooshing sound of the water striking the rocks, the cold breeze, and countless flows of the whitewashed drops are sure to captivate you.


Legend has it that a beautiful princess lived in the forest on the side of the King's royal residence grounds. She delighted in bathing in a lake neighboring and ritually consumed alcohol sweetened milk from a Golden Jug upon finishing with her bathroom. One day while enjoying her jug of milk she located herself being seen by a good-looking royal prince standing among the trees. Red with embarrassment at her inadequate bathing outfit, the Princess put the jug of milk before her to create an improvised curtain to conceal her body, while among the house cleanings rushed to cover her with an outfit.

The sweetened milk cascades down the hill incline to this particular day as the homage to the merit and also modesty of the Princess.


You can try out the local Goan cuisine as well as Chinese food served at the eateries & smaller restaurants. Some restaurants near Dudhsagar Waterfall are Mollem Karibu Garden Restaurant, Roshan Restaurant, Waterfall Family Restaurant and Dudhsagar Udipi Pure Veg Restaurant.


The most pleasurable climate is to be experienced between November and also February. March to May can be cozy and annoyingly humid. The Monsoon months of June to September, are the most scenic when the entire area is lavish and also green, nonetheless throughout these months the access to the falls could be removed due to swamped rivers and also massive quantities of water cascading down the drops.


Dudhsagar Falls can be quickly reached by train in addition to by road. You can also travel to the waterfall through Jeeps that can drop you at the falls. However, the rates for them may differ significantly according to the season.

Air: The Dabolim airport terminal is the nearest flight terminal to Dudhsagar, it is roughly 70 km far from the Dudhsagar Falls. You can employ a taxi or a taxi from the airport itself. Nonetheless, please note that the taxi will not be able to take you right as much as the Waterfall.

Rail: Though there is a station called the Dudhsagar, no trains formally stop below. They pick up a minute to get in touch with their trivialities, breaks etc as what follows is a high slope. The local station is Collem/Kulem a variety of taxies are available from here to the falls. The distance between the station as well as Waterfall is roughly 6 kilometers The train journey is most favored as a result of the marvelous vistas it supplies.

Road: The NH4A freeway leads to Dudhsagar Falls. The Goa Tourism Growth Firm runs a number of bus paths on which Dudhsagar is a quit. Other than this, personal trip operators additionally run buses adhering to particular booking requirements for the very same. Jeeps can be driven with the base of the waterfalls yet only in the months from January to May as the water degree is low throughout these months.